Five Important Points Not To Completely Depend On Social Media

Viruses – As with most things in this world, social media sites can become ill too and yes they also like the world to know… Ever get a Tweet mailed to you explaining ‘Wow you would not believe this photo of you, follow the link’ or have you ever been tagged in a Facebook post on […] More 

Aug 06 , 2013

Is your American VPS Host getting you down?

At VPS Company we pride ourselves on our ability to provide 24/7 support and offer HQ VPS’s at affordable prices. VPS packages come in all shapes & sizes and at VPS Company we have the hosting program for you, from Blogs to ecommerce shops and more! Through the years we have upgraded our support desks all over […] More 

Jul 09 , 2013

VPS Company Enters The American Market

Due to the significant success of the US’s leading web hosting provider ‘CloudVPS’, it has expanded its services to the American market. VPS Company is part of the digital media internet services group, established in 2003, that have triumphed through the twenty first centuries digital age by providing customers with reliable and scalable online web hosting. […] More 

Jun 11 , 2013

Benefits of switching to VPS!

If you are even contemplating switching to a Virtual Personal Server than here are 6 key features worth reading up on: 1. Scalability VPS Company systems are fully scalable either up or down. If you are expecting large volumes of visitor traffic, you can add additional memory, processing power and disk, or a combination of these. […] More 

May 12 , 2013

Welcome to VPS Company

We have been secretly working away in the background creating one of the most comprehensive, reliable and powerful VPS Company systems available on the market today. More 

Jun 26 , 2012