CDN – How It Works

nonDCN site
Non-CDN Site
With a non-CDN site, all data is hosted on a single shared server. Files are access by all visitors via the one server in one location.
CDN site
CDN-Enabled Site
With CDN enabled, visitors access files with a seemless experience from the closest server located to them.

The VPS Company CDN works by spreading your static web content (images, Javascript, CSS, zip, docs, pdfs, mp3s and others) to points of presence (POPs) around the world.Whenever a visitor downloads this content, our intelligent DNS routing pushes the clients to their local POP rather than where your website is located. If your client is located in USA but your website is in the US, the visitor will download locally from the USA! This means that your website is instantly turbocharged for international visitors and page load speed times increase dramatically.

But why does page load speed matter?

No one likes a slow loading website and studies show potential buyers will simply move on to another faster website if yours is too slow to display. Not only are fast loading pages appealing to visitors, but search engines such as Google, look more favourably on pages which are quicker to load.

VPS Company has POPs in over 60 locations giving you the ability to reach out and offer faster browing times to a global audience!

Key Features

Easy to Use
Setup of our CDN service can be done in as little as 5 minutes. Simple, easy to use guides will have you up and running in no tome.
Super Fast
Content Delivery Network (CDN) makes your content available from hundreds of servers worldwide, all at the same time. You website content is delivered from the server closest to your visitor’s connection point, providing fastest possible load times.
Your data is 100% secure. Only publicly accessible information (eg graphics) is served from the CDN.
Scalable and Reliable
Your website content is served by hundreds of servers worldwide. In the event of a server going offline, your content is served by the next closest server. If you need more bandwidth, simply upgrade from the customer portal.
24/7 Support
You can reach our friendly support staff at any time, day or night. We will resolve your issue with speed and precision.