A Content Delivery Network (CDN) works by distributing your static web content (images, Javascript, CSS, zip, docs, pdfs, mp3s and others) to locations placed nearer to your customers than your actual website. The result of this distribution is faster delivery of data to your international visitor and thus a faster browsing experience on your site. Not only does your visitor receive faster access to your content but implementing the VPS Company CDN will reduce your server load and promote you in search engines which favour faster loading websites. For more information on our CDN check the ‘How it works‘ page and our competitive pricing page.

Key Features

A VPS Company CDN delivers your files, images, videos, scripts and CSS with super-fast load times to visitors around the world. Web content with a 5-second load time can be accelerated to just 1 second, simply by implementing a VPS Company CDN service. Content delivery network offers your visitors from all continents across the globe the fastest web experience possible.

Over 100+ Points of Presence worldwide

VPS Company has over 100 locations with servers worldwide for serving content as fast as possible: 25+ in the USA, 35+ in Europe, 7 in Asia, 2 in Australia and 1 in Brazil.

Search Engine Optimisation

Faster load times can boost your Search Engine positions. Your customers will enjoy faster loading times and your website’s conversion rates will increase.