VPS Company – How It Works

CloudVPS-how_it_worksVPS Company servers have enterprise-class resilience, with multi-layered security, a self-healing architecture and automatic hypervisor failover.

This saves valuable admin time and helps ensure maximum uptime for your customers.

Dedicated Resources – Disk Space, IP addressing, Memory and CPU

All VPS Company servers are assigned the full resources purchased. Your VPS runs completely independently of any other VPS and no one else has access to any of the resources you have purchased. This guaranteed the most reliable, efficient and reliable hosting possible.

All our server equipment uses the very latest Dell C Series blade servers, with Quad Code Dual Intel Xeon CPU’s that are fully loaded with a minimum of 24GB RAM, high-speed drives and connected to ultrafast enterprise grade EqualLogic iSCSI SAN backend.

Dedicated IP Addressing

Every VPS Company has a minimum of 1 dedicated IP address assigned just to you. No one else shares the same IP address, protecting you from blacklisting. It can also be useful for Search Engine Optimization. Additional IP addresses are available if needed.

VPS Company Backups

Virtual machine backups are included with all our VPS Company plans. Backups can be manual or automated within your control panel. single click restores are available 24×7. By default we take weekly backups. You can also purchase additional backup space if you require more backups.

Fully Redundant Raid 10 SAN

Our storage systems are build on fully redundant Dell EqualLogic SAN’s. Configured with RAID 10, our disk arrays are lightning-fast with no single point of failure. All data is further replicated on to a separate SAN to ensure 100% availability.

Self-Healing Scalable Resources

VPS Company servers utilise enterprise-class resilience. Multi-layered security, a self-healing architecture and automatic hypervisor failover ensures your VPS is available and with maximum uptime.

Our central monitoring servers constantly checks the status of all customer servers. If a hypervisor (Cloud Server) fails, the customer VPS will automatically failover to a redundant hypervisor

Firewall Protection

All VPS Company servers have a built in firewall, that can be fully managed by the customer. The firewall is managed from a secure customer portal, and is pre-loaded with a default set of rules to ensure maximum protection form the outset. Customers can make changes to the firewall rules as needed. Remember, we’re on hand 24×7 if you ever need a hand.