Services – Monitoring

VPS Server monitoring and Auto Scaling


Keep up-to-date with the needs of your servers

Our monitoring system automatically checks your server on a 24×7 basis,  and take action as needed, either manually or automatically.

When an alert has been triggered, you have the possibility to perform a list of actions for example:

  • be notified by email. You can then choose which email address and the time interval that you prefer to be notified,
  • be notified by SMS. If a server or service fails, you can opt to receive an SMS message notifying you of the issue.

We also have options available where your server can automatically upgrade or downgrade itself.  If your server gets a sudden influx of traffic, our auto-scaling options will automatically increase the resources as needed (within preset parameters). Once the traffic dies down, the resources will be reduced back down again to normal levels, thus keeping costs to a minimum, while still having enough power in reserve when needed.